About EGOpicks

I often get asked how a mother of two from Winnipeg, Manitoba got into the business of making custom guitar picks … so here’s the story.

For my entire parental life, I have been very fortunate to be able to stay home and raise my two wonderful kids throughout their childhood, and it has been – by far – the most rewarding ‘job’ that I have ever had. As the kids grew up, they – along with many of their friends – took an interest in music and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. With a background in music retail, a long-time love of live music, and a particular disinterest in being any kind of sports mom – this was music to my ears.

Tanner has been drumming since he was 10 years old – and to this day, I still get goosebumps every time he gets behind the drum kit. I have to admit … I was definitely one of those people that thought “Anybody could be a drummer! … How hard could it be?” I couldn’t have been more wrong. Throughout Tanner’s 10+ years of formal training, playing in various bands and drum ensembles, and eventually teaching drum lessons himself – I definitely earned a whole new respect for the mind-boggling talent that drummers possess. I won’t even get into how poorly I did when I asked Tanner to give me a drum lesson. Trust me … it’s WAY harder than it looks.

Carly’s instrument of choice was the guitar. Prior to her birthday in 2007, I scoured the internet in search of someone that would do a small set of custom picks with her name on them. No such luck. Heck, there wasn’t even anyone that did custom guitar picks in Canada!

Frustrated and disappointed (yet somehow inspired), I knew that I couldn’t be the only person out there looking for a small quantity of custom guitar picks. That very day, I began the process of starting up EGOpicks – with my husband and the kids behind me 100%. After many months of hard work, I officially launched EGOpicks on eBay in November of 2007.

Within a year of opening EGOpicks on eBay, I had surprisingly filled over 600 orders for various bands, businesses and individuals from all over the world.  Ironically, my very first EGOpicks customer was a proud dad from Ontario looking for a small set of custom picks for his 8 year old son Lyric.  Lyric Dubee is now a young man, and his music career is taking off like a rocket. After all these years, Lyric and his parents genuinely feel like family to me. I continue to watch Lyric grow as an artist, and cheer him as if he were my own.

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In EGOpicks’ second year, I was confident enough to move out of the eBay forum, and into the ‘creative freedoms’ of having my own independent website.

With each new, website overhaul, (This would be #3) I continue to stick to my own philosophies and values surrounding PERSONAL customer service. After almost a decade, I still choose NOT to make the ordering process 100% automated.  I truly enjoy personally assisting each and every customer with their design ideas and order details – making sure they are going to be fully pleased with their EGOpicks products and experience.   It’s obviously more time-consuming this way, but I wouldn’t trade the amazing relationships that I’ve built with my customers for a little bit of extra time in my day.  The beautiful comments, testimonials and referrals I receive from my customers are daily reminders that the personal service I provide is something that people want, deserve, and appreciate … and I’m happy to do it.

I wake up each day, thankful for every person that I’ve had the pleasure of making custom products for, and I look forward to those that I might be fortunate enough to help in the future.

Keep Rockin’

Lisa Lane

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