Custom guitar picks (and custom drumsticks) are fabulous gifts that all musicians are thrilled to receive, but there’s a lot of guess-work involved to get them just right.

For custom guitar picks there are many things to consider:
What shape do they prefer to play with? What gauge? Which material?

For custom drumsticks, it’s the same thing:
What size stick do they like? What type of wood?

And for both:
What kind of design would they really want to show off to their friends and fans?

Maybe your friend or loved-one would prefer some cool merch items to sell at their shows!

Our oversized celluloid EGOpicks GIFT CARD PICKS are the perfect gift solution for the musicians in your life. With an EGOpicks Gift Pick, you give them the power to let us assist them in getting exactly what they want.

Our EGOpicks GIFT PICKS are available in 3 different denominations – $25, $50 and $100 Canadian dollars. Just fill out the gift card form, choose your denominations, and we’ll mail your gift picks out to you within 2-3 business days. Postage for the gift picks to be mailed are as follows: ($1.80) ($2.50) ($5.00) CAD Canada USA International

* Any applicable taxes and shipping of the products purchased with the gift card are applied upon Gift Card redemption
* Gift cards and all website pricing is in Canadian funds.