EGOpicks is proud to finally launch some brand new merch items we’ve been working on!

Our new PICK HOLDER NECKLACES AND KEYCHAINS were thoughtfully designed by EGOpicks, and made exclusively for us in NYC. They are stylish, stunning and sturdy – but they won’t break the ‘band bank’ like similar items that are out there. Can’t you just picture your custom picks in these?

new perch items- saga pick necklaces

We’re also excited to introduce our brand new BIG-EGO PICKS to our merch line-up. These oversized guitar picks are almost three times the size as a standard pick. They are definite eye-catchers, and make awesome collectible keepsakes for fans.

new perch items- shooter Jennings

And finally, we can do something that few others have been able to do! … We can now create gorgeous
CUSTOM DRUMSTICKS that are priced just right to add to your merch line-up.

new perch items- saga drum sticks

Be sure to check out the new Band Merch & Accessories page to see all of the new products for your promotional needs and merch tables.

These items are already ‘Tour tested’, and we can proudly report that they have all been ‘sell-out’ products.