Even with a name like EGOpicks, we try our best to be modest about our work, but with a ’100% happy-customer rate’, it's clear that people really love our products.

Here is what some of our customers had to say about their EGOpicks products and experience!


"I have been a professional musician for over 25 years. I have used countless picks from local music stores, cut up hotel room key cards to make my own picks and used various custom pick makers over the years. EGOpicks has provided me with the best quality and service. I highly recommend using EGOpicks for your guitar picks and accessories. "

James 'Buddy' Rogers - 2014 Juno Awards Nominee - Maple Ridge, BC, Canada


"Awesome picks, awesome graphics, quick turnaround time, awesome merch stuff and Lisa is awesome to work with......who wouldn't use EGOpicks?...Yer crazy if ya don't!"

Derrick Gottfried - HARLEQUIN - Winnipeg, MB, Canada


"EGOpicks has been one of my favorite lifelines over the years. From picks to necklaces to key chains, you name it, they have it. Their passion for making band merchandise is evident through the quality of their products. Owner/creator, Lisa Lane is an absolute gem to work with. She is precise and meticulous. Her heart is riddled through each and every detail of her work. Whether it is a one off gig that required last minute merch, or a tour of Europe, EGOpicks has always come through for me.

No matter what level of professionalism you are, EGOpicks is right for you. Affordable, reliable, and caring. A 10 out of 10 customer experience. Positive you will find the same! Now get yourself some merch! "

Jesse-James Cameron of MAKESHIFT INNOCENCE - 2013 Juno Awards Nominee

"EGOpicks has delivered a superior product to allow the NO YOKOS the opportunity to promote our band in a fun way for our fans. We get requests for picks after the end of each set and usually at the end of the night I find that our mic stands are empty and all the picks have disappeared magically lol. Dealing with Lisa has been the most joyous part of the process. Quick responses with questions, custom design modifications and of course always a smooth business transaction. We could not recommend a better product and we are forever a loyal customer to Lisa and her EGOpicks brand."

Paul Cadarian - NO YOKOS - Ontario, Canada


" I just wanted to say thank you so much. As a somewhat experienced internet shopper, I can assure you that yours is unequivocally, the very best experience I've had online."

Miranda Bennett -LEROUX MUSIC STUDIOS - Calgary, AB, Canada


"We LOVE our picks! the Prompt and VERY friendly service was awesome! which reminds us...we may be ordering more soon!"

THE METHOD - Kingston, Ontario, Canada


“Lisa!!!! THEY ARE HERE!!! They look awesome! These are amazing! Lisa, you do amazing work and have amazing customer service. Your patience with me during this project has been unbelievable as we worked through all of the “details”. Thank you so much and I can’t wait until the next project I can work with you on… or a re-print, because we know there will be another for this one!!! =) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I will be sure to share Kelly’s excitement (hopefully a photo) from when I give him these awesome handmade picks. YOU ROCK LISA!!!”

N.DeSantis - Virginia, USA


” I just received the picks. They look fabulous!! The colors are outstanding, and the feel of them is great for playing. Thank you for your fine work.”

Pierre Chalifoux – SOPRANO STUDIO – Ontario, Canada


” Can’t believe how quick and easy Lisa made this happen !!!!! The picks look killer , set up was a breeze with Lisa’s help !!!! Magnetic will be getting all our picks from EGOpicks from now on !!!! Thanks so much.”

Drew Hanwell of MAGNETIC - Saskatchewan, Canada


“Thank you very much for the terrific product and even better personal service! You’re now stuck with me as a repeat customer.”

Rick Gunn – Ontario, Canada


“These picks are awesome, fast and friendly service. I will most definitely, be ordering more. Thank you so much.”

S. Paterson – Winnipeg, MB, Canada


“Thanks Lisa. As always … thanks for the quick work and excellent picks!”

Rene R. – El Paso, Texas, USA


“Lisa is great to deal with and the quality of her work is terrific . These custom picks are total eye catchers and the crowd gets some cool souvenirs.”

Luke van Barneveld – SYSTEM’S EDGE


Got the EGOpicks today … much faster than expected! These picks are very cool, perfect in every way from the design, the color and thickness gauge. From here forward, it’s EGOpicks all the way and we are ordering more immediately. Well done Lisa!

Mike Fleming – MIKEY JAMES - Ontario , Canada