Personal service? Who offers that anymore?

WE DO! EGOpicks is proud to provide the best personal service you’ll find anywhere on the internet. As she’s done since 2007, owner Lisa Lane, or daughter and business partner Carly Lane will be the one to help you with your order from beginning to end.

We value our new and returning customers, and we put huge effort into creating custom products that you will be proud to use and show off for years to come. Any questions you may have before, during or after your purchase will be happily answered in a timely manner.

“Thank you very much and it was a pleasure dealing with you. I have to tell you that I have been involved in the ecommerce business for many  years and as a consultant and ecommerce  business owner, I want to complement you on your ability to mix ecommerce and a nice mix of  personal attention and excellent  customer service. Thanks for making this very easy.”
 – R. Tadman

Why choose egopicks- Shooter Jennings


After nearly a decade, we are so proud to say that we have an extremely high ‘happy customer’ rate. We get ‘smile-inducing’ emails almost every day saying how much our customers like their custom picks and drumsticks, and that they came out even better than expected.

We are ‘picky’ ourselves, so we simply refuse to send out anything that we are not extremely proud of. We actually accumulate hundreds of picks each year that just don’t meet our own high standards. We are happy to report though, that the misprinted picks do not go to waste … they are happily donated to a variety of amazing non-profit music programs like Guitars Not Guns.

We will definitely do the same with our mis-printed drumsticks. We’re certain that there must be drumming programs out there that would be able to make great use of them.


When you order from EGOpicks, you can be sure that you will be getting guitar picks made of premium materials.

Our celluloid guitar picks are the very same picks that many of the iconic guitar manufacturers print their logos on, and sell in your favorite music stores all over the world.

Our new line of industry-standard Delrin guitar picks are manufactured by us right here at EGOpicks, and are made from the exact same material as our major competitors.

Our amazing White and Red Hickory Drumsticks are of the highest quality, and they are made for us right here in Canada by the country’s #1 drumstick manufacturer – Los Cabos Drumsticks. All drumsticks are made to order with YOUR designs right here at EGOpicks.

Our maple drumsticks are ‘rescued’ factory seconds – but they’re still straight and gorgeous. These sticks are priced perfectly for promo use, and sell great at merch tables.

Our popular Accessories and Band Merch items were designed by us, and are exclusive to our EGOpicks customers. All items are made to order right here at EGOpicks.


At EGOpicks, we make sure you can get some kind of variety within any order.

We understand that many guitar players need different thicknesses of picks for different playing styles, and that many bands have more than one guitar player.
Choose your pick material and shape, and then feel free to mix and match your pick colors and gauges.

With our custom drumsticks, you’re more than welcome to mix and match your sizes within the same wood family.

Many of our custom band merch items can also be mixed and matched so you can get a variety of items at quantity pricing.


EGOpicks offers custom guitar picks in large and small quantities at competitive and affordable prices.

With EGOpicks you can order as few as 10 custom guitar picks. Perfect for gift-giving!

For custom drumsticks … if one pair is all you need, one pair is what we’ll make.