If you’re asking yourself, “Why should I choose EGOpicks?” we have FIVE good reasons for you!

High standards

After 7 years of doing custom guitar picks, We are proud to say that we have a near perfect 'happy customer' record. We are 'picky' ourselves, so we simply refuse to send out anything that we are not extremely proud of.

Not convinced? We actually accumulate hundreds of picks each year that just don't meet our own high standards. We are happy to report though, that the misprinted picks do not go to waste ... they are happily donated to a variety of amazing non-profit music programs like Guitars Not Guns.

High Quality Products

When you order from EGOpicks, you can be sure that you will be getting guitar picks made of premium materials ... We actually use the very same picks that many of the iconic guitar manufacturers print their logos on, and sell in your favorite music stores all over the world.

Our popular EGOpicks Accessories were designed by us using the best materials we could find. They are made by hand right here at EGOpicks, and are made to order with your custom picks.

Smaller Quantities

EGOpicks offers custom guitar picks in large and small quantities at great prices. With EGOpicks old-school picks you can order as few as 50 picks ... and with our NEW SCHOOL picks, we can now accommodate orders in quantities as low as 10 picks!

Superb Customer Service

At EGOpicks we are proud to offer the best personal service you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

Even with a brand new website, it was our purposeful decision not to make the ordering process 100% automated. We truly enjoy assisting each and every customer personally with their orders - and making sure they are going to be fully pleased with their EGOpicks products.

We truly value our customers and we put huge effort into creating custom products that you will be proud to use and show off for years to come. Any questions you may have before, during or after your purchase will be happily answered in a timely manner.

Variety - (this is HUGE!)

At EGOpicks, we make sure you can get some kind of variety within any order.

With our OLD SCHOOL foil printed picks and our NEW SCHOOL digitally printed picks, we give you the option to mix and match your pick gauges. We understand that individuals need different thicknesses of picks for different playing styles, and that many bands have more than one guitar player. By special request, we can also accommodate more than one pick color or print color, but a small extra cost may apply.

We also offer:

  • 20 celluloid pick colors - more than anyone else!
  • 6 Delrin pick colors. And guess what? Your preferred gauge does NOT determine which color you get! Our delrin picks come in 6 different colors, and all 6 colors are available in 5 different gauges.
  • 3 different gauges of Glow -in-the-dark picks
  • 20 Metallic and Holographic foil colors that you won't find anywhere else. This is just one reason why we're the #1 choice for OLD-SCHOOL custom picks
  • Over 80 different ‘EGOpicks Images’ and other design ideas (available for those who may not have their own custom logo)